How a Zero Trust Approach Could Improve Your Cyber-Security

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Would you say you have zero trust in your cyber security systems and processes at the moment?

Or would you say you are pretty comfortable with how you are protecting your users, data and network?

The latter can be achieved with what’s called a “zero-trust approach” and as you can tell, there’s a pretty big difference between the two.

Now previously, we’ve brought you some individual ways you can protect parts of your organisation from cyber threats, however, now, we introduce you to a cybersecurity strategy that touches on a few of our recommendations!

What zero trust means in the context of cyber-security

First and foremost, we aren’t talking about you having zero trust IN your cyber-security.

If this is how you feel at the moment, then this approach might be exactly what could give you peace of mind when it comes to your cyber-security!

A zero-trust approach is based on a vigorous process in which users are always required to verify who they are and devices that are connected to your network are never automatically”trusted” even if they were previously verified.

Direct benefits from adopting this approach

#1 Secure and protect your remote workforce from malicious hack attempts

You can have the most efficient, effective and talented remote workers following the best processes in regards to collaboration and delivery, however, none of this matters if devices and networks have been compromised. By adopting a zero-trust approach, you minimise the risk of your workers and network being compromised, leading to a more efficient workforce that can operate at peak performance longer.

#2 Enabling trusted and verified users to access the data, documentation and information they require quickly and easily

Nobody wants to have to wait in this day and age to access documentation and content they know they should have instant access to. Whether it’s a collaborative work document or a YouTube video, people want access quickly and easily, without any issues or barriers inbetween. Through adopting this approach, once a verified user and device is confirmed, they will have access to all the files and information they have been granted.

#3 Compliance tracking of who logged into systems across what devices and the time in which they did

In the unlikely event, your network or a device is compromised, you will be able to track and see which user accessed the network when and whether it was a legitimate login attempt that led to a cyber threat issue detected, or whether it was in fact a malicious hack attempt. 

How hard is it to implement a zero-trust approach?

Luckily for you, Microsoft makes this process extremely easy for both you and your IT partner.

Whether you want an end to end solution that protects your people, data and infrastructure, or you want to begin with threat protection and identity/access management, Microsoft’s Azure technology can get you started quickly and effectively!

The best thing for you to do is to speak with your IT partner or us to find out more about how to get started!

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