Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Solution

Covid-19 was a difficult time for all businesses. Its greatest impact was that it forced us to think outside the box and consider new solutions. Many companies implemented changes within months that would have normally taken many years. These transformations were powered by cloud technologies. The power of cloud technology has been realised and its […]

Matter – the new standard in IoT

What’s [the] Matter? Home Automation and IoT has been on the rise in the last few years, and there’s no denying the cool-factor – blinds that open at sunrise, lights and music that set the right mood on voice command, and smart security cameras paired with a door lock to control access to your home. […]

Can we use and trust AI in Cyber Security?

Can we use and trust AI in cyber security? Here at Brace168 we have been having endless discussions on how we could use AI tools such as ChatGPT to improve our security operations.  Although machine learning and other AI tools have been in use for quite some time, we see enormous potential for the latest […]

March 2022 Okta LAPSUS$ security incident

At 2:09pm on the 22nd of March 2022 (AEDT), the advanced persistent threat actor (APT) group “LAPSUS$” released screenshots and claims, on the encrypted messaging app Telegram [1] they had achieved superuser access to the Okta Cloud platform, as well as access to other internal systems including the Okta Atlassian suite and Okta Slack channels. The […]

TikTok bans: why should other social media get a pass?

While social media can be a powerful marketing tool, it is not risk free. TikTok is the latest in a long line of social media platforms to draw negative press and government approbation. Many organisations have chosen to ban TikTok from their devices around national security and privacy concerns: but the issues are not limited […]

Hacks – Cracking web-page authentication

Authentication pages – the first roadblock on a hacker’s route to getting access to your resources. Gone are the days of simply using a username and password to authenticate users, it is common now to use token-based authentication. Authentication tokens is a protocol used to ensure that the user signing into your page really is […]

Protect your Microsoft O365 tenant

An organisation’s Microsoft 365 tenant is susceptible to many external and insider threats when not properly configured. At every level of licensing there are at least some level of security controls that could be implemented to reduce the risk of attack. These necessary security controls can be broken down into 6 categories: If you are […]

Why is penetration testing important for your business

Do you believe your data is secure? Do you believe your IT infrastructure is safe? Are your web interfaces hardened? These are just a few of the questions that you have to ask yourself before publishing a website or a web application or before deploying a new product. Is it safe? Penetration testing answers can […]

3 Key Considerations When Creating a Cyber Security Policy

How should your organisation respond if a cyber security incident occurred? What is the current process for your employees when setting up passwords to ensure they follow best practice password cyber security measures? If you don’t have answers to these questions right now, that’s okay, as a cyber security policy can be your organisation’s best friend when it […]

Top 7 Crucial Steps for Digital Transformation

Top 7 Crucial Steps for Digital Transformation Throughout the last couple of years we have witnessed changes in how traditional management, operations, and leadership roles operate. The scope of job titles has changed and reshaped almost every aspect of a business. Digital transformation (DX) has gone from a trend to an essential element of business […]