Office Relocation

CLIENT: Leading Organisation in the Finance and Insurance industry


“Excite IT delighted this client with our approach, achieving the outcomes we promised and delivering additional value.”

Establishing the relationship

Excites’ partnership with this client commenced when our team stepped in to cover Infrastructure Management responsibilities, and then managed the seamless relocation of their three CBD-based offices and 300 staff to North Sydney, over a well planned and executed 10 week period. We have been this client’s supplier of choice for Operational and IT support for over six years now, in recognition of both the quality and value of the service they receive from Excite IT.

Delivering value

Excite went beyond the relocation mandate to deliver additional value in leveraging the strength it had in other areas such as procurement, telecommunications/vendor management, data centre design and infrastructure management – thus freeing up the client’s resources to focus on other non-IT aspects of the relocation.

This consistent approach of being flexible and going beyond the call of duty to deliver value is Excite IT’s main point of differentiation and one that we are highly regarded for.

Achieving measurable results – on time, on budget.

To ensure a long-term solution was provided, Excite identified and factored in future requirements in the design of the new office and data centre facilities. The team developed detailed project management plans that ensured clear roles and responsibilities were engaged and a timely execution was achieved. The thorough up-front work and team experience prevented potential roadblocks and all tasks were delivered prior to the relocation date.

Excite also ensured high quality documentation of all cabling and implemented an appropriate maintenance process to ensure security and currency of all cables. 
Six years later, the organization can easily and confidently determine which port every workstation, printer and phone is plugged into without having to check the physical patch panel.

The Excite team was capable of performing a successful relocation project over the 10-week timeframe, whilst maintaining delivery of a high standard of support services to ensure continuity of business operations. 
All users and servers were relocated seamlessly and the new office was operational by the start of business on the appointed date.

Excite IT delighted this client with our approach, achieving the outcomes we promised and delivering additional value