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Cybersite360 is Excite Cyber’s premier cybersecurity consultation service designed to kickstart and enhance your organisation’s security posture. This service offers a comprehensive first-step analysis, equipping you with the necessary insights, strategies, and recommendations to fortify your cybersecurity defences.

Who Needs This Service

Organisations seeking a comprehensive cybersecurity evaluation to identify and mitigate potential threats and vulnerabilities, aiming to enhance their security measures and comply with regulatory requirements.

What We Deliver

Comprehensive Gap Analysis

Delivers a detailed examination of your cybersecurity practices against best practices and standards, including the ASD Essential Eight Maturity Model and CIS Critical Security Controls.

Asset Inventory Control

Reviews and provides recommendations on managing software and hardware assets to mitigate risks associated with unauthorised or unmanaged devices.

Vulnerability Management

Identifies weaknesses in your current cybersecurity strategy and offers remediation strategies.

Audit Log Management

Evaluates practices for maintaining, monitoring, and analysing audit logs for improved threat detection and response. 

Cybersecurity Governance and Supply Chain Risk Management

Offers reviews and recommendations on IT security governance and third-party risk management processes.

Security Awareness Training

Includes an evaluation of your current training program with suggestions for improvement.

Privacy Compliance Review

Assesses compliance with relevant legislation, ensuring protected health information and personally identifiable information are managed securely.

The Benefits to Your Business

Enhanced Security Posture

Implement robust cybersecurity measures tailored to your organisation’s unique risk profile and operating environment.

Strategic Risk Mitigation

Leverage expert recommendations to address vulnerabilities and enhance overall security.

Compliance Assurance

Ensure your practices align with legal and industry standards, safeguarding against penalties and breaches.

Educated Workforce

Empower your employees with the knowledge to effectively recognise and respond to cybersecurity threats.

About Excite Cyber

We are cyber, technology and business experts who asked ourselves, what would the world look like if you could be truly fearless with your business, and what if the very best cyber expertise could be integrated into robust, outcome-focused technology solutions?

Our approach is to be deeply consultative and deliver pragmatic and strategic services that work for your business. With an uncompromising approach to cyber security, we deliver solutions that will get you excited about the potential for technology all over again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Comprehensive Gap Analysis meticulously evaluates your cybersecurity measures against industry best practices and standards, such as the ASD Essential Eight Maturity Model and CIS Critical Security Controls, to identify any gaps and provide actionable recommendations.

Cybersite360 reviews your current asset management processes, offering expert advice on software and hardware inventory control to minimise risks from unauthorised or poorly managed devices, ensuring a secure and controlled digital environment.

Our training evaluation includes a thorough review of your existing program and provides enhancements to ensure your workforce is well-equipped to recognise and respond to cybersecurity threats, fostering a culture of cyber awareness.

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