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Strengthening defences by finding vulnerabilities

More than one-third of all vulnerabilities are discovered through penetration testing. Finding and then closing those gaps is critical to be able to use technology with confidence.

The Excite penetration testing service will identify security vulnerabilities on information systems which pose a security threat to the business. The output of the test will correlate these vulnerabilities into a Risk and Security Impact model that outlines to the customer any resident security threats. The most important benefit of Excite penetration testing is that it gives organisation an opportunity to discover exploitable vulnerabilities within their IT landscape before threat actors do.

What We Deliver

1. External environment overview

This comprehensive overview of the external digital landscape includes details about the internet-facing assets, applications, and any third-party services integrated into the network. This overview sets the stage by outlining the potential attack surfaces accessible.

2. Scope of assessment

The assessment delineates the boundaries of the penetration testing. It specifies which subnets, hosts, applications, and services are included in the test. It clarifies whether the tested assets are located on premises or hosted in the cloud, providing a clear picture of the environments under scrutiny.

3. Penetration test methodology

The methodology adopts the CREST penetration testing guidelines and follows OWASP for web applications and PTES for general testing.

4. Penetration test findings

Summary of vulnerabilities discovered, the potential impact of these vulnerabilities on the organisation, and any incidents of successful breach or compromise during the testing.

5. Criticality of each finding

Each vulnerability is assessed for its risk level from ‘critical’ to ‘low’. The assessment considers the ease of exploitation, the potential impact on confidentiality, integrity, and availability, and the context within which the vulnerable asset operates. This process helps prioritise remediation efforts based on the risk posed by each finding.

6. Remediation plan with recommendations

For each identified vulnerability, we provide tailored recommendations for remediation. This includes specific actions to be taken, such as patching software, changing configurations, enhancing security controls, or implementing additional monitoring. We outline a proposed timeline for addressing each finding, helping the organisation to plan and allocate resources effectively for remediation efforts.

The Benefits to Your Business

Understand your environment in-depth

Know everything about your technology environment, its
weaknesses, and how to shore up the defences. Get a true “insider looking in” perspective.

Meet and exceed your compliance obligations

Ensure that your business is meeting all its obligations – and indeed penetration testing is often required. Excite
has expertise in reporting ensures that you are addressing every point required for compliance.

Improve breach response times

It takes over 250 days to detect and stop a data breach, and the cost of remediating a breach escalates every year.
Regular penetration testing will help you address breaches in super-quick time, vastly reducing the threat that a breach poses.

Improve customer satisfaction

Penetration testing demonstrates that you care about your
customer’s data and privacy, and customers are much more likely to continue to support a business that is doing the right thing by them.

Case Study: Penetration Testing And Security Assessment For Real Estate

A well-established real estate firm in Australia identified the critical need to upgrade their cybersecurity defences. With the industry’s growing concern over data breaches, the firm aimed to fortify its digital infrastructure, and given the sensitive nature of client data in real estate transactions, the company faced the challenge of ensuring robust cybersecurity to protect against escalating cyber threats.

The firm engaged Excite Cyber to conduct a thorough security assessment and penetration testing project. Following that, the team delivered a strategic risk analysis, resulting in a comprehensive security report with tailored recommendations. Excite Cyber was commended by the client in several areas:

  • Efficient Time Management: The provider’s punctual delivery of services allowed for a swift
    and effective security upgrade without business interruption.

  • Expert Team: The provider’s team demonstrated exceptional skill in identifying vulnerabilities and
    suggesting practical solutions.

  • High-Quality Deliverables: The detailed and accessible security report provided by the provider enabled the firm to quickly act on the recommendations.

  • Collaborative Approach: The provider worked closely with the firm, ensuring that all security
    enhancements were in line with the firm’s operational goals.

“I would unreservedly recommend them to any organisation based on the professionalism, cooperative nature, and the quality of the team that has assisted us,” the company’s Chief Risk Officer said.

Who Needs This Service

Organisations that have compliance requirements around breach reporting times, and those that handle sensitive, critical data and need to monitor its risk exposure.

Penetration testing is a critical step in having a full awareness of your workplace environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Excite Cyber stands out with its adherence to the latest CREST and OWASP guidelines, ensuring a globally recognised standard of testing. Our unique Risk and Security Impact model translates technical findings into strategic business insights, helping you prioritise security efforts where they matter most

Absolutely. We understand that each industry faces unique challenges and threats. Our service is highly customisable to align with your specific operational environment, regulatory requirements, and business objectives, providing targeted and relevant security assessments.

No testing can guarantee absolute security, as cyber threats evolve constantly. However, penetration testing is a proactive measure that can significantly enhance a system’s security by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors. It’s an essential component of a comprehensive security strategy that includes ongoing monitoring and updating of security measures.

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