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Excite Cyber’s Digital Strategy Consulting Service helps organisations navigate the complexities of digitalisation, focusing on leveraging digital technologies to create value and competitive advantage.

We assist in defining and executing digital strategies that encompass marketing, customer engagement, digital product development, and digital ecosystem management.

Who Needs This Service

Who Needs This Service

Digital Strategy Development

Crafting strategies that leverage digital technologies to achieve business objectives.

Customer Experience Transformation

Enhancing digital touchpoints for improved customer engagement and satisfaction.

Digital Innovation and Ecosystems

Identifying opportunities for innovation and collaboration within digital ecosystems.

Digital Capability Building

Upgrading organisational capabilities to thrive in a digital environment.

The Benefits to Your Business

Competitive Differentiation

Establishes a unique digital presence that sets you apart from competitors.

Increased Customer Engagement

Delivers superior customer experiences across digital channels.

Accelerated Growth

Identifies and capitalises on new digital opportunities for growth.

Digital Culture and Capabilities

Builds a digital-first culture and enhances digital skills across the organisation.

Case Study: National Teams Calling Rollout for Aged Care Enterprise

Excite was engaged to complete a national Teams Calling rollout to replace both the current SIP provider and telephony technology of a national enterprise, with over 80 sites and associated number blocks.

Program included the discovery of required numbers/blocks, account ownership activities with multiple carriers and complex end user auditing as prerequisite. Migration activities included standing up of SIP services, Porting of number blocks and configuration of Teams users within O365.

IVRs, Auto attendants and Call queuing were established as necessary depending on the complexity of individual sites. Conference phones, Teams Meeting rooms and Shared handsets were established on a site-to-site basis.

End User enablement was delivered via a combination of Town Hall sessions, for all staff to learn the new system, and Train the Trainer sessions, to give key stakeholders the ability to field and answer questions.

Case Study: SharePoint Migration, Design and Dev for national infrastructure services Enterprise

Excite Cyber has expertise in SharePoint design and implementation, and the migration of data from all sources into the O365 SPO environment.

Excite Cyber has successfully completed multiple SPO migrations, working as a trusted partner for a multinational infrastructure service enterprise. These migrations were focused on two primary outcomes; to resolve complexity issues around access control and security, and to move data into a more robust site/document library structure.

Key elements included detailed auditing of user access requirements to ensure correct users had access to the correct data. Implementation of new security groups, version control policies and data retention policies as well as data tagging for sensitive data handling all enable the additional features within SPO. End User enablement was delivered via a combination of Town Hall sessions, for all staff to learn the new system, and Train the Trainer sessions, to give key stakeholders the ability to field and answer questions.

About Excite Cyber

We are cyber, technology and business experts who asked ourselves, what would the world look like if you could be truly fearless with your business, and what if the very best cyber expertise could be integrated into robust, outcome-focused technology solutions?

Our approach is to be deeply consultative and deliver pragmatic and strategic services that work for your business. With an uncompromising approach to cyber security, we deliver solutions that will get you excited about the potential for technology all over again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Identifying digital innovation opportunities involves analysing market trends, customer behaviour, and technological advancements. Businesses should conduct regular digital audits to uncover areas for improvement and potential for new digital offerings.

Digital ecosystem management is about creating and nurturing a network of digital interactions among customers, suppliers, and partners. It’s a strategic approach to enhance collaboration, streamline operations, and offer integrated solutions to customers.

Our service is designed to help organisations harness the power of digital technologies to drive growth and create a competitive edge. We offer comprehensive support in developing digital strategies that cover marketing, customer engagement, digital product development, and ecosystem management.

We focus on transforming your digital touchpoints to elevate customer satisfaction and engagement. By optimising the customer journey across digital channels, we ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for your clients.

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