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The Excite Cyber IT Strategy Consulting Service is designed to align your organisation’s information technology with its business objectives, ensuring that your IT infrastructure and applications support and enhance your overall business strategy.

We focus on optimising IT operations, infrastructure, cloud adoption, cybersecurity, and digital transformation initiatives.

Who Needs This Service

What We Deliver

Strategic IT Planning

Developing a comprehensive IT strategy that aligns with business goals.

Technology Road Mapping

Identifying and planning technology solutions supporting strategic objectives.

IT Governance and Compliance

Establishment of IT governance frameworks to ensure compliance and effective risk management.

Digital Transformation Guidance

Assistance with adopting digital technologies to improve processes, products, and customer experiences.

The Benefits to Your Business

Alignment of IT and Business Goals

Ensures IT investments directly contribute to business objectives.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Streamlines IT processes for better resource utilisation and cost savings.

Improved Risk Management

Identifies and mitigates IT risks in line with business priorities.

Innovative Edge

Leverages technology to provide a competitive advantage through innovation and improved customer service.

Case Study: New Hardware Deployment, SOW Build and Intune/AutoPilot Configuration (Win11 and IOS)

Excite Cyber has recently completed a national roll out of new end-user devices for a national Aged Care enterprise. This rollout consisted of managing vendor relationships to procure best-in-breed hardware and configuration of a greenfield Intune environment. Excite Cyber was able to build a new SOE in accordance with the enterprises focus on simplicity, scalability and security to allow the rapid deployment of new hardware, or virtual desktops, to its staff nationally. Stakeholder engagement with the client ensured a thorough design and testing phase to ensure the move to a new Win11 SOE would be as successful.

Configuration of Autopilot, future-proofing further growth in staff numbers, as well as managing Line of Business Applications, Security Patching and Vulnerability Management via O365/Intune has allowed this client to have visibility over its current end-user fleet. Excite Cyber provides formal ongoing cybersecurity leadership, secops, ITops (Azure, Windows 11, IOS, Fortinet SDWAN/switching/wifi/IaaS, telephony) and managed detection and response services for this customer.

Case Study: Seamless Enterprise O365 Migration Facilitation and Execution

Having successfully taken clients through a migration journey of moving workloads from either on-prem or other cloud sources to O365, Excite Cyber are experts within the O365 Migration space. Excite Cyber are experts in P2V, V2V, OnPrem to Cloud or Tenant to Tenant migrations.

Over the past 5 years, Excite Cyber has been the chosen partner to scope, facilitate, and execute multiple M&A based migrations with the same multinational enterprise. These migrations include workload discovery and identification, sensitive data handling, planning, and migration of multiple workloads from either on-prem or Cloud to a new O365 Tenancy.

Excite Cyber was able to deliver seamless migrations due to our proven process in the O365 Migration space, with our process being focused on the day 1 End User Experience. As a Microsoft Partner and Cloud Service Provider Excite Cyber can also procure and manage appropriate O365 licensing for both users and Azure services.

Case Study: Tas Govt - Operating systems Linux / Windows

Excite Cyber provides Red Hat Support and Maintenance with 24/7 Services and support, to the Tasmanian Government. This includes: Explaining the functions and features, clarifying any documentation, providing guidance, providing recommendations with respect to hardware requirements, providing general advice to customers concerning the performance of or how to use General file maintenance, including correction of corrupted files or data.

About Excite Cyber

We are cyber, technology and business experts who asked ourselves, what would the world look like if you could be truly fearless with your business, and what if the very best cyber expertise could be integrated into robust, outcome-focused technology solutions?

Our approach is to be deeply consultative and deliver pragmatic and strategic services that work for your business. With an uncompromising approach to cyber security, we deliver solutions that will get you excited about the potential for technology all over again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Our consulting service covers optimising IT operations, infrastructure, cloud adoption, and cybersecurity measures. We provide comprehensive support for your digital transformation initiatives, ensuring that your move to the cloud is secure and aligned with your business objectives.

We begin with a thorough assessment of your current IT setup and business goals. From there, we develop a comprehensive IT strategy that includes a technology road map to guide the selection and implementation of technology solutions. Our approach is collaborative, involving stakeholder engagement to ensure the IT strategy supports your business’s vision and growth.

An IT strategy should be a living document, reviewed regularly to ensure it remains aligned with the ever-changing business environment and technological advancements. Typically, it’s advisable to review the IT strategy annually or whenever there’s a significant change in business direction or technology.

Absolutely. A well-crafted IT strategy can identify areas where costs can be reduced without compromising on service quality. This might include adopting cloud services, streamlining IT processes, or investing in technologies that improve operational efficiency.

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