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Our ICS Cybersecurity Consulting Service provides tailored strategies to secure industrial control systems and operational technology.

We offer expertise in two principal standards: ISA/IEC 62443 for organisations needing security measures specifically for ICS in manufacturing, energy, and utilities and NIST SP 800-82 for those requiring comprehensive guidelines applicable across various industries and environments.

Who Needs This Service

What We Deliver

ISA/IEC 62443 Compliance

Focus on safeguarding industrial automation and control systems with a standard recognised for its detailed guidelines and international collaboration.

NIST SP 800-82 Compliance

Implement robust security practices with a guide to ICS cybersecurity, including risk management, security program development, and incident response.

The Benefits to Your Business

Specialised Expertise

Gain insights from specialists in ICS security to protect critical infrastructure.

Strategic Risk Management

Enhance your capacity to manage cyber risks with best practice frameworks tailored to the industrial sector.

About Excite Cyber

We are cyber, technology and business experts who asked ourselves, what would the world look like if you could be truly fearless with your business, and what if the very best cyber expertise could be integrated into robust, outcome-focused technology solutions?

Our approach is to be deeply consultative and deliver pragmatic and strategic services that work for your business. With an uncompromising approach to cyber security, we deliver solutions that will get you excited about the potential for technology all over again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our services are ideal for organisations within the industrial sector seeking an internationally recognised cybersecurity benchmark, specifically those adhering to ISA/IEC 62443 standards. Additionally, we cater to a wider range of industries that require a flexible and auditable cybersecurity framework, such as the one provided by NIST SP 800-82.

ICS are susceptible to various cyber threats including malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and targeted cyber espionage. These threats can lead to unauthorised access, control system interference, data theft, and even physical damage to industrial equipment.

The shift towards modern communication technologies in ICS, such as the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, increases connectivity but also expands the attack surface. This makes ICS more vulnerable to cyber attacks and requires updated security measures to protect against new and evolving threats.

Best practices for securing ICS include conducting regular risk assessments, maintaining an accurate asset inventory, implementing defence-in-depth strategies, ensuring physical security, and establishing robust incident response plans. It’s also important to provide cybersecurity training to personnel and to work with vendors that prioritise security in their products and services.

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