How to best address remote working risk in the Australian energy sector

The status of remote working is an interesting and dynamic one. On the one hand, employees do appreciate the flexibility and potential for work-life balance, and being able to work remotely frequently appears as a top priority in job searches.  On the other hand, there are some significant challenges to grapple with to enable that, […]

“Human Error” Continues To Plague Cyber Security Efforts… Can More Be Done?

Most data breaches have nothing to do with hackers coding in the sinister darkness somewhere, as Hollywood likes to portray. In fact, the latest Australian notifiable data breaches report attributes 68 per cent of data breach disclosures come down to “human error” that “generally result from a failure of process or procedure.” And Government is […]

How AI Can Enhance Cyber Security For The Energy Sector in Australia

You only need to look at what happened in the US when the Colonial Pipeline was taken down via a cyber attack to understand why cybercriminals target energy companies. It’s a quick pathway to cause chaos and, were it to occur during a period of conflict, it could cause catastrophic disruption.  Australia takes this risk […]

Securing the Future: Strategies for Adversarial Machine Learning Risk Management

Introduction to AML Risk The rise of Adversarial Machine Learning (AML) has transformed cybersecurity, emerging as a potent tool in espionage and warfare. High-profile cases, such as the manipulation of airport facial recognition systems and spam filter breaches, highlight AML’s potential for extreme disruption. However, AML can be combatted, and the right defences and collaborations […]

Breaking Down The Cyber Security Strategy 2023-2030: Phase Three (2029-2030)

The third and final phase, or “horizon” of the Australian Cyber Security Strategy for 2023–2030, will represent the cumulation of work done up to that point, and is set to take place in the years 2029-2030. This phase is more globally focused and aims to leverage the capabilities that Australia builds through phases one and […]

Breaking Down The Cyber Security Strategy 2023-2030: Phase Two (2026-2028)

The first phase, or “horizon” for the Australian Government’s Cyber Security Strategy 2023-2030 is focused on building foundations and preparedness. For the second phase (2026-2028), the government has flagged that the intent will be one of scale and maturity. Phase two will take the foundations laid in phase one and begin to accelerate them, with […]

Breaking Down The Cyber Security Strategy 2023-2030: Phase One (2023-2025)

The Australian government’s Cyber Security Strategy 2023-2030 is a robust and ambitious plan that aims to take Australia from being highly vulnerable to cyber risk, to being one of the world leaders.  This will be achieved over three “phases.” According to that strategy, the country needs to be acting on phase one now, while preparing […]

The ASD Cyber Threat Report Doesn’t Need To Be A Case Of Doom And Gloom

The ASD (Australian Signals Directorate) has released its Cyber Threat Report for 2022-2023.  Nothing that is found in the report should surprise anyone in the community, though the numbers remain as concerning as ever, in the sense that cyber risk is very real.  According to the ASD data, nearly 94,000 reports of cybercrime were made […]