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Excite Cyber’s phishing testing service will determine whether existing security controls provide effective protection and preventative measures against malicious emails including virus and malware, SPAM, ransomware, and more. Excite Cyber has the tools and expertise that will get your people up to speed quickly.

Who Needs This Service

Organisations that have compliance requirements around breach reporting times, and those that handle sensitive, critical data and need to monitor its risk exposure. Penetration testing is a critical step in having a full awareness of your workplace environment.

What We Deliver

The Benefits to Your Business

The Support of an Experienced Team of Specialists

Phishing is not just about technology. There’s a human element to it, too. Excite Cyber’s long experience in this space will help you identify the opportunities to strengthen your environment by better educating your people.

Effective Training

Think of phishing education like first aid – it’s essential that your
organisation has this knowledge within it. We provide the tools and resources you need to turn
your people into subject matter experts.

Onboard New People Effectively

As your organisation grows, we’ll be on hand to help onboard new employees on your policies around phishing.

Actionable Insights in Reporting

Our reports support business outcomes, not deliver tech for the sake of tech. Benefit from immediately actionable insights immediately after we have completed our assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any organisation that deals with sensitive data, has stringent compliance obligations, or seeks to minimise its risk exposure would find our services invaluable. This includes businesses that must adhere to strict breach reporting timelines and those looking to enhance their overall security posture.

Unlike conventional security training, we focus on the human aspect of cybersecurity. Our seasoned experts provide the necessary tools and resources to transform your staff into cybersecurity specialists, ensuring they are well-equipped to identify and respond to phishing threats effectively.

Phishing attempts often include suspicious email addresses, urgent or threatening language to provoke immediate action, requests for sensitive information, unexpected attachments or links, and spelling and grammar mistakes. With our assistance, you can become aware of these signs can help individuals and organisations recognise and avoid falling victim to phishing attacks.

With our assistance, Organisations can prepare their employees through regular training sessions, phishing simulations, and awareness programs. It’s crucial to educate staff on the latest phishing tactics and encourage a culture of vigilance where employees feel comfortable reporting potential threats.

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